Feel the Luck When You Win in Lucky Panda Slot

Feel the Luck When You Win in Lucky Panda Slot

Slot game is a game that depends on bettors’ luck to get such a big jackpot. There is no strategy or calculation needed to play this kind of game. Just press spin and let what should happen really happens. But, there are special thing in Lucky Panda slot game that give bettors other sensation. Let’s find out what they are before feel the luck when you win in Lucky Panda Slot.

Feel the Luck When You Win in Lucky Panda Slot

Feel the Luck When You Win in Lucky Panda Slot
Feel the Luck When You Win in Lucky Panda Slot
  • Special Things in Lucky Panda

You will be greeted by a fluffy and cute panda when you open this slot game. As the background, you will find a view of bamboo forest. This Lucky Panda slot game has a lot of special things that will benefit bettors. The bonuses, pay lines, big jackpots from this game are waiting for you.

  • So Many Pay Lines

Other online slot game will only have ten or eighty pay lines which are common in slot games. But, this Lucky Panda online slot game has 1024 pay lines that you can choose and place the bet on. So, you can choose pay lines as many as you can to make sure your big amount of money.

  • Minimum Effort for Big Jackpot

The minimum effort for maximum result is what you should do when playing a slot game, including this Lucky Panda slot game. Fortunately, this slot game also uses that principle. The minimum bet is only one coin for each line. The maximum bet is also only one coin.

So, if you have 100 coins, you can place a bet on 100 pay lines. It also means that you have chance 100 times better to win the big hit rather than only bet in one pay line only. The next question is how much the jackpot that bettors will get? They can have 4000 coins when they get a combination of jackpots points in any pay lines that are bet on.

  • Bonuses are Everywhere

To maximize the jackpots, you can take the advantages of bonuses. This Lucky Panda online slot game has many bonuses such as free spins, scatter, wild symbol, and re-spin. Two bonuses that are always waited by the bettors are scatter and wild symbol, because these two symbols will give them an immediate-easy money. By having scatter symbols on the screen, they do not necessarily appear in winning lines, bettors can have additional money that can be added in to their bank rolls.

The wild symbols are really needed in order to make bettors win. For example, bettors need five jackpot symbols and they already have four plus one wild symbol in the winning line. The, the wild symbol will change itself into a jackpot symbol so bettors can have five symbols and get big hit.

Panda is cute and fluffy animal but do not underestimate it. Lucky Panda will give you jackpot as big as the beast itself. Keep playing and feel the luck when you win in Lucky Panda slot. It will give you no doubt in playing. Happy betting!

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